Better Tools for a Better Tying Experience

We make heirloom quality tools that last a lifetime, guaranteed.
The only tying tools with wood handles and gold plating.
Elevate your tying experience.

The Most Comfortable Tying Tool You've Ever Used

Tools You Can Use For a Lifetime and Pass on to Your Kids

The Only Tying Tools With a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee


Most tying tools just don't cut it.

  • Uncomfortable metal handles.
  • Cheap metals that tarnish and smell.
  • Soft metals that bend and dull easily.
  • Tools that need to be replaced often.
  • Tools that degrade your tying experience.
  • Tools you aren't proud of.

Wasatch Changes Everything

We believe you deserve tying tools that match your passion.

We believe you deserve tying tools that match your passion.


We've been tying flies for more than 20 years. 

We get it. We are tired of crappy tools that don't line up with your passion. Your tools should elevate your tying experience, whether by yourself, with your kids, or with friends. Tying your first fly, catching your first fish with a fly you tied, and sharing those moments are what life is all about. Now there is a set of tying tools that is with you every step of the way. 

Companies we partner with include:


Comfortable. Beautiful. Lifetime Guarantee.

Pick 3.

  • With Wasatch Tying Tools you don't have to compromise. No more sacrificing form for function.
  • The only tools with comfortable wood handles and gold plating.
  • Enjoy your tools as much as the beautiful flies you create with them.
  • Replacement guarantee for the life of the tool.
Start Your Legacy Here

Welcome to the Wasatch Family.

Begin your journey today.

Our 3T kit is a great place to start. With scissors, a bobbin, and a bodkin half-hitch tool you'll be tying flies in no time.

Collect the perfect tools to fit your style.

With more than 40 tools you'll be able to collect the perfect tools for the way you tie. Categories include scissors, bobbins and threaders, whip finishers, hair and feather tools, bodkins, brushes and combs, and dubbing and loop tools.

Beautiful tools make beautiful flies.

Fly tying is a time-honored endeavor. Beautiful, effective flies come from beautiful, effective tools. 

Every Wasatch Tool Comes with This Promise.

Extremely Comfortable Tools with hand-turned wood handles.

Exceptional Materials including Mahogany and gold-plating.

Guranteed for Life. We'll replace any tool that fails to perform flawlessly.


Customer Testimonials

Excellent bobbin, great weight, and spool retention. Feels awesome in the hand as well. 
- Justin

Beautiful tool, craftsmanship is wonderful, wood is awesome. Now I need to order a bobbin or two or just a whole set. Great selection of fly tying material also. I am hooked for life!

I not only acquired these amazing scissors, as I ordered about 25 of the Wasatch items from Fair Flies. The tools are absolutely great looking, they all function perfectly, and they are top of the line in every regard. I totally endorse their quality and the great way they function. 

Transform a Life with Every Tool You Purchase.

Here at Zoe Angling Group we are committed to ethical supply chains. Every Wasatch Tool is made by employees that earn a local living wage. This means they can live above the poverty line and provide nutritional food, clean water, and an education for themselves and their families. Your purchase can pay the daily wage and support a family that desperately needs hope. 


"We tie flies to catch fish, but what if I told you that fly tying could also transform lives? THAT would be a story worth telling."

-David Klausmeyer, chief editor for Fly Tyer Magazine

Popular products

Our 3T Kit. The most popular tools in a hand-crafted storage box. An heirloom quality kit including scissors, ceramic bobbin and bodkin half-hitch tool.

2" straight scissors. Our most popular scissor due to the versatile size and razor edge. Tension screw allows for ideal cutting pressure and blade separation/sharpening.

Flush Cutters, designed to pair perfectly with Fair Flies 5D brushes. These smooth cutters work on thick feathers, wire, and other heavy tying materials.