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Colors, patterns, and sizes for every angler and every species.


better than lead
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Better than lead
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  • The first jig with a replaceable hook.
  • Premium 5D Brush and Fly Fur bodies.
  • Non-toxic heads.
  • Dozens of colors to choose from.
  • Chip-proof head with countersunk eyes.

Looking for something a bit different? Are you tired of:

  • Rebranded products from the same manufacturers
  • Last years materials in "new" colors
  • No competitive advantage
  • Materials borrowed from other industries
  • Generic products that don't work in your market
  • Uninspired packaging
  • Non-existent customer service
  • Unreasonable minimum orders

We get it. And we can help.

Like you, we want durable, beautiful tying tools made to last. We want to save time at the tying bench. We want chip-proof, non-toxic jigs that get down fast and catch fish. And we want low-visibility hooks in proper proportions. Zoe Angling Group provides all of this and more. 

See the difference for yourself.


Welcome to ZAG

Zoe means to live a full life. For us at Zoe Angling Group, that means the experience of a life around water. It means embracing the right tools for the job. And it means changing lives. Each of our brands is committed to excellent products and ethical supply chains.


The Most Comfortable Tying Tools You've Ever Used. Guaranteed for Life.

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PIVIT Fishing: 

Nontoxic, Chip-proof Heads and the Magic of 5D Brushes.


Fair Flies: 

Award-winning 5D Composite Brushes That Cut Your Tying Time in Half. 

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Stealth Hooks:

Matte Black Fly Hooks using TruForm Geometry.

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Awards and Media

5D Composite Brushes: AFFTA IFTD
Best of Show
Fly Tying Materials


Companies we partner with include:

Tie Better. Fish Better.


Customer Testimonials

"Best brush on the market for steelhead... just a few turns and you have a fly you can fish...with movement like no other... I will be buying more."

"I not only acquired these amazing scissors, as I ordered about 25 of the Wasatch items from Fair Flies. The tools are absolutely great looking, they all function perfectly and they are top of the line in every regard. I totally endorse their quality and the great way they function."


"This product may change fly tying forever."

-Field and Stream

"We tie flies to catch fish, but what if I told you that fly tying could also transform lives? THAT would be a story worth telling."

-David Klausmeyer, chief editor for Fly Tyer Magazine


Transform a Life with Every Tool, Jig and Brush You Purchase.

Here at Zoe Angling Group we are committed to ethical supply chains. Our products are made by employees that earn a local living wage. This means they can live above the poverty line and provide nutritional food, clean water, and an education for themselves and their families. Your purchase can pay the daily wage and support a family that desperately needs hope.